Saturday, January 16, 2010

I am Sachin dev tripathi. A Flex Developer by choice, working for custom component creation, Flex UI deigns using MVC .

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  1. I m Fine n Cool :)
    I am Sachin Dev Tripathi.I am a software engineer,my skills are, Adobe Flex and SQL. I am a passionate kind of person, i am very loyal,honest,pratical and emotional person. I love to make friends n having a passion to work for sociaity and country. I can easily analysize person but i could not had not analyze a person in my life who give me a great lession of life. I thought persons are just a means but god gives us lession to be a conscious mind for you. i have trust in god, i feel that he is every where,in each person n thing of the creature. Most of the time people complaint that he is late to act but i think he always acts for you, you may decide it is good or bad for you


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